By Alex Leclercq

I love…

When you step on my foot

When you poke me with your nose

When you stand in front of the door so that no one forgets you

When you put your muzzle on my shoulder when I drive

When you look at me with your kind brown eyes

When you lift your paw for me to remove a thorn

When you dream

When I can hear you breathing

When you’re half on the bed, only half naughty

When you wake me up in the middle of the night to go outside

When you come down with me every morning

When you wait for me at the window

The way you greet me at the door every time I come back home

When we share a treat

When I know what you are thinking, I mean, when you know what I’m thinking

When you try to glamor me

When you invite me for a walk

When you smile when I say yes and sigh when I say no

When you lead the way at night

When you guard the house and make us feel safe

The sound of your paws in the staircase

Your soft fur

Your pretty coat

Your warm sweet breath

Your gentle kisses on my hand

How brave you are

How patient

How persistent

Because you embrace life

Because you accept everybody

You have no prejudice

Only kindness and honesty

So innocent

So sweet

You are this family’s shepherd
Alex. Leclercq