Late Pass, Asleep in Class, Senior Year Has Kicked My. . .

By Riley Cappelletti

The fourth quarter is underway and seniors have started to slack. This seems to be a theme with almost all seniors. May 1 has just passed, and now all of the seniors know what they will be doing next fall. The seniors of MPH are definitely dealing with senioritis.

I am one of the many students trying to cope. I experience an extreme lack of motivation daily and no desire to do homework or study. As a strong student and a responsible person through all my years of school, this seems a bit uncharacteristic of me. But I promise you, it’s real.

I have always been someone that likes to be on time. And by on time, I mean early. Last year, my first year at MPH, I arrived to school around 7:45 each morning, sometimes even earlier than that. This gave me 25 minutes to do whatever I needed to do, whether it was finishing a homework assignment, talking with friends or seeing a teacher. I loved having  this extra time.

I started out the same this past fall. This year I have the pleasure of having my own car, so I get to decide what time to leave for school. In the first few months of school, I would get there around 7:50, still giving me 20 minutes before first block started. But as I have been accepted to colleges, and the senioritis is getting worse, I’m lucky if I get to school by 8:10.

I now roll out of bed around 7:35, and I have no urge to race to school. The number of blue late passes I have are adding up quickly. On my last report card I had 18 unexcused tardies. These were all from my senioritis.

While my grades are still in check, and I am doing everything I need to do, the feeling of senioritis is so extreme. I procrastinate much more than I used to and now some assignments are finished the day they are due.

I am not the only senior with an extreme case of senioritis. Senior Liza Bruno feels the same way.

“The level of motivation is completely not proportional to the level of work that I have to accomplish,” said Bruno.

Bruno commented on the fact that we all want to be done, but we’re just not. I relate with this 110 percent, because I, along with everyone else, want to cross the finish line, but we’re not quite there yet.

Brittany Grund also has an extreme case of senioritis.

“I have given up on coming in dress code,” said Grund.

If you are a senior and are unsure whether or not you are suffering from senioritis, I can tell you that you probably are a victim. An extreme lack of motivation and no drive to keep up with your school priorities is a sign that you are suffering.

The feeling of senioritis is so real for most seniors, but we are almost there. Eleven school days remain for us seniors. With just days until graduation our time as MPH students is coming to a close. And senioritis is only growing stronger. But we can do this – the finish line is close.


Senior Phoebe Ambrose poses with the countdown of days left for seniors that is hung up in the student lounge.