Graduation 2018

By Suzannah Peckham


Places like Manlius Pebble Hill are everywhere, small schools with students who are working tirelessly to get into colleges across the United States. Despite this fact, nowhere is exactly like MPH. Nowhere has the students that are a part of this year’s senior class. I’ve only been here for four years. Some of this year’s class has been a part of the MPH community since preschool. Over the last 13 years they have watched the school grow and change.


Some kids have spent all of their school years here.  13 years at the same school isn’t uncommon, but the experience becomes much more unique at a place like MPH. The typical pre-k class is less than five kids. The grades are small, so students know each other on a much more intimate level.


In the last four years there has been many changes, most of which stems from the financial crisis that the school endured in the winter of 2014. Midway through that year the school lost many students, several of which came from the class of 2018, my graduating class.

The school has since built up an entirely new wing of the school, complete with a weight room, gymnasium and new art facilities.


“I think the school has changed a lot, it’s become more of a community,” said senior Ben Rudnick, “it’s become more tight-knit.”


Our class is all going to different corners of the country, places like California, Montana, Florida and others. Some of the schools will be small, just like MPH. Others will be going to schools that are massive.


“It’s like 27,000 kids at Montana,” said senior Charles St. John, “it’s probably going to be easier to make friends.” There’s going to be a big difference for many of the students, the senior class is only 53 students.


Graduation is something that we all have looked forward to since the first day of freshman year. We are ready to go, to move onto bigger and better things.


Graduation will be on June 10, at 2 p.m. here at Manlius