New Faces at MPH – Michelle Dannan

Michelle Dannan

By Emma Gross

Ms. Dannan is the new Vocal Music and General Music teacher for grades Kindergarten through 12. She first started her music teaching career at Union Springs. She was there for two years before moving to Cincinnati, OH where she taught for thirty-two years. When she returned to the Syracuse area, Ms. Dannan worked at St. Margaret’s in Mattydale, NY before coming to MPH. This will be Ms. Danna’s 41st year of teaching music. When asked why she chose to become a music teacher, Ms. Dannan responded with, “My passion and love for music.” Along with Ms. Dannan’s love for music, she loves to golf, bike, swim in her pool during the summer, and read historical fiction. She teaches classes everyday and she says, “I think the biggest challenge for me at this school is teaching all different levels and different age groups. I teach lower school, middle school, and upper school. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful.” When thinking about her transition to MPH she said, “It is it’s very difficult coming in and replacing someone who everyone really respected and admired and has been here for 20 years, so what I hope to accomplish is that I can make a mark for myself in my own way, with my own style, and my own thoughts on how the program should move forward, as an individual teacher and to make my own mark.” She is looking forward to making contributions to the MPH community.