New Clubs, Old Clubs, and Everything in Between

By Kaeli Ahn

MPH held its annual US Club Fair on Friday, the twenty-seventh of September, during US tutorial.  With the graduation of the class of ‘19, and the new group of freshmen came the end of some traditions, and the beginnings of others.  The Club Fair is a chance for people to advertise their clubs, but most importantly, it’s a chance for students to get a feel for what they like to do.  It’s a chance for them to sign up for something just for fun, and who knows? They might just end up liking it.

As for the efficiency of the Club Fair, junior Angel Holligan said:  “I think [they] should just put [the clubs] online, let us pick what we wanted to do, and be done with it.”  However, another student, sophomore Katrina Ahn, leader of Ceramics Club, said that it was more efficient to have the club fair than to just have sign-ups online, as most students don’t usually check the MPH website.  Supporting this viewpoint, senior Sana Nizam, leader of Science Runway Club, said, “I think the club fair is definitely helpful, only because you get to interface with the students yourself and tell them what you’re offering, and it’s just way easier than typing— it’s not the same as typing it out and just reading about it online.”   So maybe the Club Fair isn’t the most efficient way to sign up for clubs, but at least this way students can ask the organizer(s) of the club they’re interested in some questions before making their decision, as well as ensuring that more people will sign up for clubs.  

With the addition of twelve new clubs, there’s no doubt that there are more clubs this year than there were last year.  In fact, this year there are nine more clubs, even with the loss of 3D Modeling, Lunch Chorale, and Science Olympiad from the previous year.  Needless to say, there is something for everyone!