Mindful Pause Here: MPH

By Kate Chaffee

On Wednesday, the 16 of October, MPH had its first ever Stress-Down Day. Dr Elizabeth Perryman, a mindfulness educator, visited and talked to students in the lower, middle and upper schools about mental health, stress, and anxiety. She emphasized finding a balance in life, teaching students how to determine the difference between good and bad stress. Dr. Perryman  talked about how our brains cling onto negative thoughts and comments instead of spending time on the positive. 

“The Stress-Down Day was meant to center us, so we’re more present and aware of what’s going on throughout the day,” said Joy Strickland, our School Counselor.

  “I’m not sure if we can reduce our expectations of students to be scholars, but what we can do is give skills and moments throughout the day where we can just be more aware of how we’re reacting,” added Mrs. Strickland. The hope is that students and faculty continue to use the exercises and techniques they were taught in order to create a healthy environment.