Now That Classes Are Over, Check Out a New Show or Movie!

IMG_228710th grader Gabe Pasniciuc streams Rick and Morty on Netflix

By Maya Heimes

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing all to social distance, many people have used this time to watch new shows and movies. Being stuck in your house can get to be pretty boring, but taking some time to watch a new television series could help take your mind off of the pandemic. Platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus have seen their number of viewers soar during these past few months, and it looks like this will not stop anytime soon. However, after enough time, you may be looking for something new to watch. Students from Manlius Pebble Hill’s Upper School are here to give you some recommendations.

Ella Pisciarino, a junior at MPH, has caught up on watching the new hit series Tiger King. This documentary series has been very popular, and you can find many social media posts relating to the show. Ella says, “I loved watching Tiger King. It’s a documentary series that follows some interesting characters in the big cat field. It also gives you insight into the dangers of the industry and the fight against it. It was educational but also really funny.” If you are interested in this documentary series, Tiger King is streamed on Netflix.

Oliver Dreyfuss, a freshman at Manlius Pebble Hill, is currently watching All American. According to Oliver, “It’s a show about a high school football star from south Crenshaw California who is given an opportunity to transfer to the more privileged neighborhood of Beverly Hills to pursue his dream. However, due to transfer rules, he must leave his home and live with a Beverly Hills family, the first of many changes and challenges which create a perfect balance between compelling plot on and off the field.” All American has been very popular and has gained a lot of traction during the pandemic. To watch this show you can stream it on The CW, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu, or Google Play.

Andrew Benincasa, a senior at MPH, has been spending his time watching the show Love Island. Andrew says, “Basically, it’s a dating show where they bring these British models and fitness people out to this island, and then they have to couple up (there are an even amount of men and women). There’s also challenges and stuff, but the winning couple (by a vote of the viewers) gets 50 thousand dollars.” If you are interested in this British dating show, you can stream it on CBS All Access, Hulu, or FuboTV.

Eden Hildebrant, a sophomore at Manlius Pebble Hill, is currently watching The Vampire Diaries. “It’s a really good show,” she says. “I’ve watched it like 5 times. It’s like a drama/romance/supernatural/fantasy/horror type show about these vampire brothers and three best friends. After that the following show is Originals, it somewhat builds off of The Vampire Diaries. Then it goes to Legacies which builds off Originals. It gets kind of confusing but it is really good.” If you watch The Vampire Diaries, you will have two shows lined up to watch after that are within the same universe. This series can be streamed on many platforms, such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu.

During this time of stress and unknown, it is important to take time to relax. These are only a few suggestions from the long list of shows you can watch during your free time. Connect to our community and get more suggestions from people. Another great option is downloading the Google extension Netflix Party. This extension allows you to watch Netflix at the same time as friends and have a chat room. This is a fun idea to use if you want to have a movie night with friends and family. Enjoy watching!