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Staying in Shape While Staying in the House

The Pebble staff offers tips on how to stay busy during social distancing. Today’s tip – exercise!   Freshman Jay Hoke plays soccer daily to keep himself busy. By Simon Hoke With the Coronavirus sweeping the world, more and more Americans, Syracusans, and MPH students are confined to their houses. In a time like this, it’s imperative that we follow the guidelines that the US … Continue reading Staying in Shape While Staying in the House

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AP’s – Here to Stay?

By Simon Hoke For a number of years at Manlius Pebble Hill, teachers and administrators have been considering the pros and cons of offering Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The classes offer a clear selling point to families looking to enroll their children in the best schools. Not every public school can boast AP’s, so simply offering these classes at MPH differentiates us. MPH has experienced, … Continue reading AP’s – Here to Stay?

The Illusions of College Admissions

By Simon Hoke As a prospective college student and athlete, the college admissions scandal that emerged last week is alarming to me, but not completely astonishing. I’ve always heard about the American dream – how our country is structured upon the basis that parts of society such as college admission should be merit-based. The socio-economic backgrounds of a family of a student trying to get … Continue reading The Illusions of College Admissions

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MPH to Meet Candidates for Head of School

By Simon Hoke On June 11, 2018, Jim Dunaway sent a letter to the MPH community announcing that he would be stepping down as Head of Manlius Pebble Hill School. Dunaway was brought on as Head in early 2015, during a period of significant financial difficulties for the school. He led MPH out of this period with steadfast decision-making and resolute leadership. Throughout Dunaway’s time … Continue reading MPH to Meet Candidates for Head of School