Bad Advice

By Emma Purce and Daniel Braverman   By Emma Purce   Q: How do I get my significant other’s family to like me? A: As someone who has never been in a relationship and has already planned out her future cats’ names — two of which will be Sir Whiskers III (we don’t talk about what happened to Sir Whiskers and Sir Whiskers II) and … Continue reading Bad Advice

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Helping Haiti

By Emma Purce Haiti is a beautiful country known for its thousands of miles of gorgeous coastline and its mountainous regions. Recently Ren Brown, an MPH junior, spent some time there while on a trip. Brown, however, wasn’t in Haiti to see the sights, she was there to help locals. Brown joined a mission trip to Haiti alongside her father Stephen Brown, an OB/GYN. Brown is … Continue reading Helping Haiti

Deferring and Rejecting your Results

By Emma Purce Q: I just got rejected from college. How do I deal with it? A: I completely understand what you’re going through. The mounting pressure of waiting to hear back from your first choice — or even your safety school  — can quickly build and become stifling. Hearing that you’ve been deferred, waitlisted or flat-out rejected can be absolutely crushing. The agony of … Continue reading Deferring and Rejecting your Results

AP Class Overload

By Emma Purce   Q: I’m not sure how many AP classes I should take. How do I know what’s best for me?   A: This is a question most, if not all, students at MPH find themselves asking. Advanced Placement classes are an integral part of the MPH community, and often define academic life here. Most students take at least one AP class throughout … Continue reading AP Class Overload

Man’s Best Friend

  By Emma Purce Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend,  and the bond between humans and dogs is unmistakable. Since their domestication 15,000 to 30,000 years ago, dogs have helped humans by hunting, keeping away pests, guarding homes, serving with the military and police, assisting the disabled, and perhaps their biggest and most important job, being faithful companions. Numerous studies have proven that … Continue reading Man’s Best Friend