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Students and Their Planners—A Love-Hate Story

By Maya Heimes The clock turns to 3:05, it is the end of the day, and students are putting their binders and notebooks in their backpacks. As the teacher writes the homework on the board, some students stay and write it down in their planners, others take a picture of the board, and a few just leave. Students do not write down homework due to … Continue reading Students and Their Planners—A Love-Hate Story

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A Spelling Montage

By Sydney Spector As the school day winds down, twenty-odd kids ranging from Freshmen to Seniors pile into the theater, ready for another rehearsal of this year’s musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” I tried out for the musical on a whim, not expecting to actually get one of the leads: Logainne “Schwarzy” SchwartzandGrubenierre, the left-leaning, politically minded, elementary schooler with two gay … Continue reading A Spelling Montage

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I Found My Airplanes!

In January, the first day back from two weeks off of school, my tired classmates and I shuffled into our third block geology class. Ms. Foster’s enthusiasm for teaching and learning is infectious and always livens us up once class has started, but today we needed no prompting: there was excitement in the air. Sitting in the back of the classroom, the product of hours … Continue reading I Found My Airplanes!

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Student Athletic Participation Thrives at MPH

By Ryan Kinane Every day in the winter after school, usually past the time of 4:30, either the Girls JV and Varsity Volleyball team or the Boys JV and Varsity Basketball team can be seen getting ready for practice. The gym fills up with student-athletes, and the coaches begin their practices. As the fall sports season has ended, the winter sports season has begun. At … Continue reading Student Athletic Participation Thrives at MPH

Faculty Fantasy Football League Sparks Competition

  By Tommy Wildhack Every Thursday night and Sunday morning, William Cardamone, College Counselor at MPH, thinks hard about who he needs to start for his fantasy football team. He studies NFL players statistics and health reports all week making sure he picks up, starts, and benches the right players. Cardamone isn’t trying to win for the sake of winning; he’s trying to win for … Continue reading Faculty Fantasy Football League Sparks Competition

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Meet the New Director for MPH Theater Productions

  By Sydney Spector   With dance teacher and Performing Arts Department Chair Michele Koziara changing her roles in both the Upper School Play and Musical this school year, a new person must step in to lead those productions. That person is Tanner Efinger, owner of Breadcrumbs Productions here in Syracuse, New York. Koziara originally found Efinger through a movement exploration workshop he was hosting … Continue reading Meet the New Director for MPH Theater Productions

Change for the Pebble

By Sydney Spector   June of 2018 and the MPH is community is getting ready for graduation. But change is happening for the Pebble. With influential seniors — such as Editor-in-Chief Suzannah Peckham, Senior Assistant Editor Emma Purce, Copy Editor Lily Grenis, Artistic Director Dan Mezzalingua, Assistant Creative Director Rachel Comfort, and Staff Writers Riley Cappelletti and Bella Cassella, as well as Advisor Jeanne Albanese … Continue reading Change for the Pebble