Building a New House

By Maya Heimes It was a Friday, and all the students were wearing MPH apparel. History Teacher Matt Twomey-Smith walked the halls of MPH and saw school spirit everywhere. He saw that this spirit was powerful and wished to see it more throughout the year. Then, recalling conversations among the faculty about a house system, Mr. Twomey-Smith thought there should be a way to excite … Continue reading Building a New House

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I Found My Airplanes!

In January, the first day back from two weeks off of school, my tired classmates and I shuffled into our third block geology class. Ms. Foster’s enthusiasm for teaching and learning is infectious and always livens us up once class has started, but today we needed no prompting: there was excitement in the air. Sitting in the back of the classroom, the product of hours … Continue reading I Found My Airplanes!

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MPH to Meet Candidates for Head of School

By Simon Hoke On June 11, 2018, Jim Dunaway sent a letter to the MPH community announcing that he would be stepping down as Head of Manlius Pebble Hill School. Dunaway was brought on as Head in early 2015, during a period of significant financial difficulties for the school. He led MPH out of this period with steadfast decision-making and resolute leadership. Throughout Dunaway’s time … Continue reading MPH to Meet Candidates for Head of School