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Helping Haiti

By Emma Purce Haiti is a beautiful country known for its thousands of miles of gorgeous coastline and its mountainous regions. Recently Ren Brown, an MPH junior, spent some time there while on a trip. Brown, however, wasn’t in Haiti to see the sights, she was there to help locals. Brown joined a mission trip to Haiti alongside her father Stephen Brown, an OB/GYN. Brown is … Continue reading Helping Haiti

Late Pass, Asleep in Class, Senior Year Has Kicked My. . .

By Riley Cappelletti The fourth quarter is underway and seniors have started to slack. This seems to be a theme with almost all seniors. May 1 has just passed, and now all of the seniors know what they will be doing next fall. The seniors of MPH are definitely dealing with senioritis. I am one of the many students trying to cope. I experience an … Continue reading Late Pass, Asleep in Class, Senior Year Has Kicked My. . .

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Box Office Superheroes

By Sydney Spector The new “Infinity War” trailer dropped, and 15 minutes after its release on November 29, it had already reached 500,000 views on YouTube.  Nearly 24 hours later, it became the No. 1  trending video on YouTube. Now, a week later, it  has almost 90 million views on YouTube. But this trend isn’t just for the “Avengers” franchise, it has been repeated over … Continue reading Box Office Superheroes

Multicultural Festivities

By Maddy Mafrici and Jacob Roy The two sophomore history classes are working together to put on the third annual Multicultural Festival on Friday. Ten unique nations will be represented at the fair. Unlike previous years, this year’s presentations have a theme: Taking a Stand. There will also be presentations related to global issues. interviewed history teacher Mrs. Chhablani, who organizes the fair, as … Continue reading Multicultural Festivities

Interview with Christina Albetta, program manager for Crane MetaMarketing

By Jeongyoon Han Spring 2017 To view the story this interview was for, click here. Q. When did Crane first come up with the idea that MPH should have new marketing colors? A. MPH is a thoughtful, organic place headed into a new future and full of nuanced teaching and insightful students. We wanted the color palette to convey a sense of possibility and growth … Continue reading Interview with Christina Albetta, program manager for Crane MetaMarketing

Construction Underway at Manlius Pebble Hill School

Compiled by Nathan Sonnenfeld Spring 2017 By Jenn Neuner, via an MPH news release The reshaping of the Manlius Pebble Hill School campus is officially underway. After a groundbreaking earlier this year, an immense steel frame has been constructed and is partially visible from Jamesville Road. The structure will soon transform into the School’s new multi-million dollar Athletics and Visual Arts facilities. Head of School … Continue reading Construction Underway at Manlius Pebble Hill School