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Manlius Pebble Hill Ensures Safe Water After Boil Water Order

After the Town of Dewitt Boil Water Order, Manlius Pebble Hill School took precautions to ensure all students had safe drinking water. On Friday, October 4th, the Onondaga County Health Department informed the public that test results found coliform bacteria in their drinking water. Tests were done over the weekend and, during those days, citizens were not allowed to use any of their water, unless … Continue reading Manlius Pebble Hill Ensures Safe Water After Boil Water Order

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New Faces at MPH – Michelle Dannan

Michelle Dannan By Emma Gross Ms. Dannan is the new Vocal Music and General Music teacher for grades Kindergarten through 12. She first started her music teaching career at Union Springs. She was there for two years before moving to Cincinnati, OH where she taught for thirty-two years. When she returned to the Syracuse area, Ms. Dannan worked at St. Margaret’s in Mattydale, NY before … Continue reading New Faces at MPH – Michelle Dannan

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AP’s – Here to Stay?

By Simon Hoke For a number of years at Manlius Pebble Hill, teachers and administrators have been considering the pros and cons of offering Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The classes offer a clear selling point to families looking to enroll their children in the best schools. Not every public school can boast AP’s, so simply offering these classes at MPH differentiates us. MPH has experienced, … Continue reading AP’s – Here to Stay?

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Upper School Reworking Shakespeare’s Hamlet

The Upper School is putting on Hamlet: A Devised Reworking of Shakespeare’s Classic the first weekend of November. The cast, directed by Maya Dwyer, is reworking the original Shakespeare play with new concepts. From setting to language and costumes, cast members will develop their own take on the play. The cast appears below: Hamlet: Maya Heimes Claudius: Agnes Coleman Gertrude: Kiru Morrissette-Ugoji Ophelia: Rhys Denno … Continue reading Upper School Reworking Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Building a New House

By Maya Heimes It was a Friday, and all the students were wearing MPH apparel. History Teacher Matt Twomey-Smith walked the halls of MPH and saw school spirit everywhere. He saw that this spirit was powerful and wished to see it more throughout the year. Then, recalling conversations among the faculty about a house system, Mr. Twomey-Smith thought there should be a way to excite … Continue reading Building a New House

Houston, We Have a Movie Review: “Apollo 11”

By Lyla O’Hara The other day,  I saw “Apollo 11” with my dad in the IMAX theater at Destiny. Honestly, I was rather unenthusiastic about spending my afternoon in a dark theater, but my father convinced me of how cool it would be – and he was right. I expected another “Cosmos,” perhaps narrated by Morgan Freeman or Neil deGrasse Tyson, explaining physics I’d have … Continue reading Houston, We Have a Movie Review: “Apollo 11”

Students and Their Planners—A Love-Hate Story

By Maya Heimes The clock turns to 3:05, it is the end of the day, and students are putting their binders and notebooks in their backpacks. As the teacher writes the homework on the board, some students stay and write it down in their planners, others take a picture of the board, and a few just leave. Students do not write down homework due to … Continue reading Students and Their Planners—A Love-Hate Story

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A Spelling Montage

By Sydney Spector As the school day winds down, twenty-odd kids ranging from Freshmen to Seniors pile into the theater, ready for another rehearsal of this year’s musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” I tried out for the musical on a whim, not expecting to actually get one of the leads: Logainne “Schwarzy” SchwartzandGrubenierre, the left-leaning, politically minded, elementary schooler with two gay … Continue reading A Spelling Montage

The Illusions of College Admissions

By Simon Hoke As a prospective college student and athlete, the college admissions scandal that emerged last week is alarming to me, but not completely astonishing. I’ve always heard about the American dream – how our country is structured upon the basis that parts of society such as college admission should be merit-based. The socio-economic backgrounds of a family of a student trying to get … Continue reading The Illusions of College Admissions