By Alex Leclercq I love… When you step on my foot When you poke me with your nose When you stand in front of the door so that no one forgets you When you put your muzzle on my shoulder when I drive When you look at me with your kind brown eyes When you lift your paw for me to remove a thorn When … Continue reading Zoé

Therapy Dogs

By Lily Grenis In our society, it’s fairly common for families to include one or more furry, feathered or four-legged friends in addition to humans. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) approximates that 44 percent of American homes include a dog, and 35 percent have a cat.   Most anyone who has kept company with a pet knows the benefits … Continue reading Therapy Dogs

Memories of Zoé

  Faculty Memories By Isabella Casella From strutting down MPH’s  hallways to gracing the school’s stage, Zoé was more than your average pup. Michele Koziara, Director of Theatre and Dance Education at MPH, admitted that she could have used a toy dog on a leash in last year’s production of “Sweet Charity,” but decided against it. Since it was a production for the MPH community, … Continue reading Memories of Zoé

Man’s Best Friend

  By Emma Purce Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend,  and the bond between humans and dogs is unmistakable. Since their domestication 15,000 to 30,000 years ago, dogs have helped humans by hunting, keeping away pests, guarding homes, serving with the military and police, assisting the disabled, and perhaps their biggest and most important job, being faithful companions. Numerous studies have proven that … Continue reading Man’s Best Friend

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Box Office Superheroes

By Sydney Spector The new “Infinity War” trailer dropped, and 15 minutes after its release on November 29, it had already reached 500,000 views on YouTube.  Nearly 24 hours later, it became the No. 1  trending video on YouTube. Now, a week later, it  has almost 90 million views on YouTube. But this trend isn’t just for the “Avengers” franchise, it has been repeated over … Continue reading Box Office Superheroes

Through Amina’s Lens

  Read the article here By Daniel Mezzalingua On a warm September day in New York City this past fall, Amina Gingold unexpectedly received a phone call from Vogue, the most iconic fashion magazine in the world. Gingold was asked to shoot photos of pop-star Tinashe for the magazine’s website. Shooting photos for Vogue is an impressive accolade and a rare feat for a 19-year … Continue reading Through Amina’s Lens

College Quest

By Grace Walsh As the senior class of 2018 embarks on their college quests, the college counseling team at Manlius Pebble Hill has employed a new tool to help students become familiar with more colleges than ever before — RepVisits. Thanks to RepVisits, MPH has 95 college representatives visiting this year. Mrs. Bernazzani, College Counseling Coordinator, and Mr. Cardamone, Director of College Counseling, conjointly made … Continue reading College Quest

Not In The Eye of the Hurricane

By Sydney Spector A woman sits alone in her living room in Plantation, Florida as a storm rages outside. Her dog, Asher, sleeps soundly under the credenza. The TV glows in the distance. Both canine and human seem unfazed by the hurricane-strength winds raging just outside the little townhouse they call home. Hurricane Irma has made landfall. The woman is Barb Schecter. She’s 75 and … Continue reading Not In The Eye of the Hurricane