Graduation 2018

By Suzannah Peckham   Places like Manlius Pebble Hill are everywhere, small schools with students who are working tirelessly to get into colleges across the United States. Despite this fact, nowhere is exactly like MPH. Nowhere has the students that are a part of this year’s senior class. I’ve only been here for four years. Some of this year’s class has been a part of … Continue reading Graduation 2018

Seventeen Again

By Isabella Casella   With a genre full of movies about the teen years, such as “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “American Pie” and “The Breakfast Club,” it seems like the life of teenagers are glamorized in  Hollywood. Movies like “Seventeen Again” even explore the idea of going back to enjoy the wonders of being a teenager. Whether you’re living your life as Cher from “Clueless” … Continue reading Seventeen Again

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Helping Haiti

By Emma Purce Haiti is a beautiful country known for its thousands of miles of gorgeous coastline and its mountainous regions. Recently Ren Brown, an MPH junior, spent some time there while on a trip. Brown, however, wasn’t in Haiti to see the sights, she was there to help locals. Brown joined a mission trip to Haiti alongside her father Stephen Brown, an OB/GYN. Brown is … Continue reading Helping Haiti

Late Pass, Asleep in Class, Senior Year Has Kicked My. . .

By Riley Cappelletti The fourth quarter is underway and seniors have started to slack. This seems to be a theme with almost all seniors. May 1 has just passed, and now all of the seniors know what they will be doing next fall. The seniors of MPH are definitely dealing with senioritis. I am one of the many students trying to cope. I experience an … Continue reading Late Pass, Asleep in Class, Senior Year Has Kicked My. . .

“Black Panther” Breaking Boundaries

By Sydney Spector Climbing into the No. 9 spot as one of the top-grossing films of all time world wide, “Black Panther” has made over a billion dollars, going against the Hollywood stereotype that films with black actors don’t sell well in the general market. It has become the highest grossing film with a black director, replacing the previous holder “Straight Outta Compton.” The film … Continue reading “Black Panther” Breaking Boundaries

Deferring and Rejecting your Results

By Emma Purce Q: I just got rejected from college. How do I deal with it? A: I completely understand what you’re going through. The mounting pressure of waiting to hear back from your first choice — or even your safety school  — can quickly build and become stifling. Hearing that you’ve been deferred, waitlisted or flat-out rejected can be absolutely crushing. The agony of … Continue reading Deferring and Rejecting your Results

Table Tennis: Not for the Timid

By Daniel Braverman Q: How can I improve my pingpong skills so that I can beat my friends in the Student Lounge? A: Thanks for the great question, since being a good pingpong player is a vital skill. However, becoming an above-average player takes long hours and serious dedication. Everyone knows that playing pingpong is not just for fun, but also for bringing out the best … Continue reading Table Tennis: Not for the Timid

Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen… Again

By Dan Mezzalingua      The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Sweet 16 matchups are just days away. Most people never would have expected some of the teams that are preparing to play to even make it past the first round.      Yet, No. 11 Loyola University Chicago, who pulled off two major upsets over No. 6 Miami and No. 3 Tennessee, sets off … Continue reading Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen… Again