The American Scholastic Press Association recently awarded MPH’s Pebble magazine a First Place Award in its annual national school publication contest.

The judges wrote: “the Pebble is an excellent publication which deserves a First Place Award in the annual American Scholastic Press Association’s magazine competition. Creating a magazine teaches students the fundamentals of publishing and creative writing, proofreading and editing skills, concepts of design/composition while promoting and supporting a community of young writers, thereby nurturing esteem and status. Your magazine shows the superior efforts of talented and creative editors, writers, artists, photographers, layout/graphics designers, staff members, contributors and advisor.”

The association’s annual review and contest is based on a scoring system that evaluates scholastic publications based on content coverage, organization, design, presentation and creativity. The Spring 2016 issue of the Pebble, the school’s inaugural issue, earned 850 points out of a possible 1,000 for the first place distinction.


Empire State School Press Association Awards, November 2017


Best All-Around Publication


New Publication


First Amendment Honor Roll

Jeongyoon Han, “Color Kerfluffle”

Service to School

Sam Goldman, Gavin Cardamone & Daniel Mezzalingua, “The Don-asty”

Designer Portfolio:

GOLD Chris Hunter

GOLD Chris Hunter

SILVER Chris Hunter

BRONZE Sam Goldman

BRONZE Sam Goldman


Front Page Design Portfolio:

BRONZE Chris Hunter & Sam Goldman, the Pebble covers

Editorial Page:

GOLD Lily Grenis, “Make America America Again”

SILVER Zachary Montas, “On Screen and the Political Scene”

Editorial Columnist Portfolio:

GOLD Lily Grenis, “Make America America Again”

BRONZE Zachary Montas, “On Screen and the Political Scene”

Feature Writing:

GOLD Sophie Novak, “Blow Us All Away”

SILVER Jeongyoon Han, “The Silver Lining”

SILVER Julia Mettler-Grove, “Good Eats”

SILVER Jacob Roy, “The Price Is Not Right”

In-Depth Coverage:

GOLD Sam Goldman, “The Don-asty”

SILVER Maddie Mafrici, “Hear Our Voices”

SILVER Jeongyoon Han, “USA: U Start Again”

SILVER Jeongyoon Han, “Color Kerfluffle”

SILVER Gavin Cardamone, “On Par For Greatness”

BRONZE Suzannah Peckham, “From the Ashes”

HONORABLE MENTION Daniel Braverman, “Kendama King”

Feature Layout:

GOLD Chris Hunter & Sam Goldman

SILVER Chris Hunter & Sam Goldman


GOLD Daniel Mezzalingua, “Just Josh”

SILVER Jeongyoon Han, “The Silver Lining”

SILVER Daniel Braverman, “Kendama King”

HONORABLE MENTION Sam Goldman, “Unsung Heroes”

Portrait Photograph:

SILVER Nathan Sonnenfeld, “Kendama King”

SILVER Sam Goldman, “Just Josh”

HONORABLE MENTION Nathan Sonnenfeld, “Kendama King”

Special Topic:

GOLD Chris Hunter, “Admire the Attire”

SILVER Sam Goldman, Chris Hunter & Daniel Mezzalingua, “Just Josh”

SILVER Sam Goldman, Chris Hunter & Daniel Mezzalingua, “MPH By the Numbers”

BRONZE Sophie Novak, “Blow Us All Away”

BRONZE Sam Goldman, “MPH By the Numbers”

HONORABLE MENTION Nathan Sonnenfeld, “Comida Deliciosa”

HONORABLE MENTION Julia Mettler-Grove, “Good Eats”

HONORABLE MENTION: Sam Goldman & Chris Hunter, “Spot the Difference”

Sports Feature:

GOLD Daniel Mezzalingua, “A ‘Hole’ Lot of Lessons”

GOLD Sam Goldman, “The Don-asty”